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My sister Sam. 03 November 1986 - 02 November 2001

I'm Ella the Cat. I'm 15 years old, That's 76 in cat years. I recently survived a saddleback embolism, but sadly, my sister Sam has just died, one day short of her 15th birthday. That's her picture above.

That's me, Ella the Cat, on the bottom right. The other pictures are of Aibo, Sony's robot dog, who I'm purrfectly friendly with, despite his doggy behaviour. I'm also purring about the rather nice Sony DSCF55E digital still camera, which despite being called a still camera, took these 160x112 MPEG movies of Aibo with accompanying soundtracks as well as the 1600x1200 still image of Ella. Oh, there are some hamster movies too.

Each 160x112 movie or 1600x1200 still image is around 350k bytes!
Aibo wakes up Aibo looks around Aibo sees Ella Aibo finds his ball
Aibo sings a happy tune Aibo bangs his head (d'oh!) Aibo plays for Crystal Palace Aibo's fancy kick song
Aibo kicking Aibo handball Aibo loses the plot Aibo looking puzzled
Aibo: Who are you looking at? Aibo could play for Brazil Ella the Cat can hear Aibo Ella the Cat (1600x1200)

Daisy on the keyboard Daisy gets some exercise The teddy is 43 years old ... Ow, she just bit me!

Created with XEmacs

For the technically minded among you, this website was produced using XEmacs on a machine running SuSE Linux 6.2. In case you are wondering, it's now possible to download both still images and MPEG movies from the DSCF55E using Linux. Purr!

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